About Survival

Explore the world of survival, make new friends and enjoy our economy system. Join a job and gain money with which you can buy things through /shop, or sell your own items to the /ah. Protect your land with a Golden Shovel, secure your chests with a simple [Private] sign, have pets which you can ride, name and even have on your head. Level up your skill level which is also displayed in front of your name to show off your dedication to the server.

Commands and Ranks

# Commands Description Rank
1 /kit <clain, food, redstone, decoration, farming> Get Items in inventory. Default
2 /help Open help menu. Default
3 /marry Show Marry help. Default
4 /marry <player> Marry Player. Default
5 /marry chat Toggle marry Chat. Default
6 /marry <gender> Set your marry gender. Default
7 /marry gift Gift item in your hand.. Default
8 /marry heal Give partner your health. Default
9 /marry sethome Set shared home. Default
10 /marry home Teleport to marry home. Default
11 /marry tp Teleport to your partner. Default
12 /marry seen Check partner's last online. Default
Vote and receive in-game $1000 and 5 Diamonds, and help us grow server!